basic training rates and gym packages basic training of scottsdale fully equiped workout and training facility basic training facility in downtown scottsdale arizona

Equipment & Amenities

Basic Training MedX Circuit Training Center:
MedX Strength Training Circuit
MedX Core Spinal Fitness System
MedX Medical Lumbar and Cervical rehabilitation machines
Nautilus Stairmaster Cardiovascular Equipment
Select Nautilus Equipment, Life Fitness Muti-Exercise Unit
Free Weights
Jacobs Ladder
Marpo Rope Trainer
Concept 2 Dynamic Indoor Rower
Precor Elliptical
NuStep Recumbent Bike
Total Gym Core Trainer
Total Gym Rebounder
Private Shower Facility
Basic Training Private Training Studio (By Appointment Only):
Free Weights
Weight Machines
Private Shower Facility
Complimentary Bottled Water
Complimentary Sweat Towels

Nautilus Fitness Equipment
We have Nautilus Stairmaster cardiovascular exercise machines ranging from the Nautilus Stairmaster FreeClimbers, Stair Climbers, TreadClimbers, StepMills and TreadMills..........

MedX Fitness Equipment
Arthur Jones is the legendary founder of Nautilus. In 1986, he founded MedX to perfect the testing of human strength, endurance and range of motion. After years of development and testing.....

Cybex International
At CYBEX, we draw on our foundation in exercise science to engineer the highest quality fitness equipment in the world. We manufacture over 150 unique pieces of strength equipment as well as treadmills, bikes, and the award-winning Arc Trainer.

Magnum Fitness Systems
Our bio-mechanically superior equipment designs deliver Magnum's trademark FEEL...the smooth, seamless motion that produces visible results and better overall conditioning...

York Fitness Equipment
Our product range consists of both cardio and strength products such as treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, exercise cycles, rowers, accessories, multigyms, weight benches, free weights, dumbells, barbells, gloves.....

Life Fitness Equipment
In today’s highly competitive business world, the health and well-being of customers, employees, and visitors can affect the bottom line of a company’s success. That’s why major corporations, hotel chains, and five-star resorts ......

Marpo Kinetics was founded in 2006 by Marius Popescu, an engineer by profession and former competitive judo athlette and coach with a life-long passion for sports and fitness.

Jacobs Ladder
Jacobs Ladder provides the most efficient exercise for those serious about conditioning. This patented treadmill climber utilizes low impact, high range of motion exercise to provide a superior cardio workout to both the upper and lower body.

Total Gym
The PlyoRebounder: Allows for controlled, consistent medicine ball training, promoting explosive power, balance and coordination, and the ability to work progressively from rehab to high-intensity athleticism.



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High Intensity Training
Bill has been using the High Intensity Training technique for decades. You won't believe the amount of training that is packed into a one-hour session.
Get Strength, Endurance, Stamina, and RESULTS only possible with H.I.T. from Bill Crawford.