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Recommendation to Exercisers

Get Tested on MedX Lumbar Extension Machine

Test your muscle fiber type. Why?

 1) A MedX Fatigue Response Test (FRT) consists of a pre-exercise static test (a measured isometric contraction in various stages of range of motion of the lumbar spine) followed by a set of dynamic exercise with the maximum load factor of 85% of the maximum measured force from the static test. The dynamic exercise is immediately followed by a second static test. The differences between the measured strength from the first static test and the second static test are accurately stated by the MedX Software and is presented on a computer graphic program showing the differential between fresh muscle strength and post exercise strength.

Dominant Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers tire significantly more and at a faster rate than slow twitch muscle fiber. This can be observed on the graph, and is indicated as a wide margin between fresh muscle strength and post exercise muscle strength throughout the range of motion. This segment of the population may get better results by exercising with less frequency, typically one to two times per week for rehabilitation, strength training and muscle building.

Dominant Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers retain their level of strength during and after the dynamic exercise program and is indicated on the graph as a very narrow margin between pre and post exercise. Sometimes the post exercise test indicates an actual gain in strength. This segment of the population is well suited for frequent exercise, typically three times per week or an every other day regiment for rehabilitation, strength training and muscle building.

Mix Fiber Type is a mix between the two aforementioned groups and is representative of most people, who typically exercise two to three times per week for strength training and muscle building.

2) The MedX Lumbar Extension Machine is the gold standard in diagnosing and treating irregularities in the lumbar spine and can detect abnormal strength curves which are consistent with disuse atrophy, a condition consistent with low back injuries.  

The patented technology in the giant MedX Lumbar Extension Machine (it weighs 2,400 pounds and costs $40,000.00) uses a restraining system that drives the femur bones into the pelvic structure, anchoring the hips in a stationary position so that isolated movement of the lumbar spine can be achieved without involvement of the gluteus or hamstrings, thus isolating the muscles of the lumbar spine. The machine then compensates for body mass, weight and stored energy from compressed tissue and computes the net strength of the muscle tissue.


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