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Priorities and Values:
Where do you put Health and Fitness?
Of all the things that you own, few are more important than the health and fitness of your body. After all, if the body breaks down, it is not replaceable. The pain, suffering, and expense associated with the medical consequences of not getting and staying in shape certainly present a very unattractive, frightening alternative to a little preventative maintenance for your body.
If you compare your mechanical knowledge and money spent on maintaining your automobile to the time, money and effort you spend on your body, the results are sad. Most people know more about what it takes to make the family car run smoothly than they know how to properly maintain their own body. The average person doesn't think twice about plunking down a few hundred dollars a month for their car payment, maintenance and repairs. But the same person can actually short themselves when it comes to investing a little time and money into their own body.
Most people keep their car for about three years. You're stuck with your body for life! The medical consequences of being de-conditioned are preventable. Don't learn the hard way!
Bill's knowledge and lifestyle training is priceless. Get fit now!
Fitness is Quality of Life!

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High Intensity Training
Bill has been using the High Intensity Training technique for decades. You won't believe the amount of training that is packed into a one-hour session.
Get Strength, Endurance, Stamina, and RESULTS only possible with H.I.T. from Bill Crawford.